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BOKSI Baby Care Station gives me peace of mind when I put Félix on it, because I know he won’t hurt himself: it’s soft, the material isn’t cold and I don’t need to use a towel to protect it.


Susana Catalán
Graphic Designer

Since we have changed Adara in the BOKSI Baby Care Station, she seems more relaxed. We are pleased that she can’t slip and that the temperature of the material is warm.

Esther Monxó

We are delighted with the changing unit, we really like it!!! Our first thought when we took it out of the packaging was to wonder if it would fit in the space we had allotted for it in the bedroom. At first it seems very wide, but once it was put in its place, it adapted perfectly and did not move around.

Alejandra Azkargorta
Madre y ginecóloga