Geometry designed to protect the baby from falls and bumps.

    Complies with the UNE-EN 12221. 2009 +A1:2013 standard for domestic changing tables.

    Ergonomics applied down to the last detail.


    <p>No use of clothing covers, always ready for use. </p>
    <p>Easy to clean, with alcohol-free wipes, water and neutral soap, can even be placed under the bath tap. </p>
    <p>Designed for everyday use with minimal care. "Ready to go". </p>


    <p>Modern and neat styling, incorporates a side gauge. </p>
    <p>Purity of enveloping lines. </p>
    <p>Soft but firm, baby-friendly material. </p>




Domestic changing table regulations

Certified under the standard that any type 1 changing table must comply with, is the UNE-EN 12221-1-2009+A1 2013 on changing tables for domestic use.



Side measurer that allows the baby to be measured up to 65 cm.


Security barriers

The standard certifies that the side barriers prevent the baby from tumbling down.



The standard describes that the changing table with the baby on it may not be moved from the support surface.


Soft and waterproof material

High quality material, pleasant to the touch, soft all over, impermeable to all liquids and with closed pores.


Protective cushion

Protects the baby from hitting his head on the wall or the furniture that supports the Baby care station.


Easy cleaning (ready to go)

Can be cleaned with the same wipes used for baby care or with neutral soap and water.


Baby Care Station Green ALOCASIA
turquesa Baby care station
Baby Care Station Turquoise NANNAK
marron Baby care station
Baby Care Station Gray cloud
amarillo Baby care station
Baby Care Station Yellow DUCKY
rosa Baby care station
Baby Care Station Garnet Cherry
azul Baby care station
Baby Care Station Brown CHOCOLATE
gris Baby care station



Maximum width 51 cm, length 72 cm and height 11 cm. As it is a soft material, the piece fits well in spaces of 48 cm wide and 70 cm long.

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Baby Care Station Green ALOCASIA

Baby Care Station Turquoise NANNAK

Baby Care Station gray cloud


Baby Care Station Yellow DUCKY

Baby Care Station Garnet CHERRY

Baby Care Station Brown CHOCOLATE

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