Mammaproof test our Baby Care Station

Now we can tell what we started a couple of months ago with Mammaproof Barcelona in their offices Valkyrie Space Hub, located in Poble Nou. Nannak team after collaborating on the Day Minimúsica (last April at the CCCB), met the team of Mammaproof and specifically Mavi (Co-founder and Creative Director at We set out…

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NANNAK colabora "El dia de la minimusica"

NANNAK collaborates with “EL DIA DE LA MINIMUSICA”

This year Minimúsica celebrates its 10th year promoting critical thinking and a creative spirit in its young public. It will be celebrated on Sunday 10th of April with a mega event… “el dia minimúsica”. “El dia minimúsica” ” is a festival for the whole family, and this year it has a new venue: the CCCB…

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Mariadiamantes delante su ordenador dibujando a BOKSI spacecraft

Mariadiamantes creates BOKSI for NANNAK

I will start drawing right now!     This was the inspiring response from mariadiamantes when, after our first meeting, we told her what NANNAK needed from her. Young, dynamic and with discerning taste, Mariadiamantes understands perfectly the ideas at nannak and she gets to work… several proposals of attributes, patterns and colours give the…

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Would you like to know how Txell Lagresa sees BOKSI?

At Nannak, we like things close to our ideals, made with love and care, well thought out and with personality.   Perhaps we are referring to “handmade”? It was for this reason that we discovered Txell Lagresa and her fabrics. We told her about our project and asked her, “How about a handmade Boksi?” How would…

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Controlled safety for children’s products

It is essential to consider controlled safety and quality when choosing a product to be used by children, given that this group are especially vulnerable to risks. There is increasing demand, from consumers and public opinion, for children’s products that offer guarantees when it comes to safety and quality. The Technological Institute for Children’s Products…

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