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BOKSI Vinyls

children’s vinyl collection by “Mariadiamantes”


BOKSI Vinyls is a collection of vinyl designs created by Mariadiamantes for Nannak, where you can find Boksi in a large format. With different complements to put where they look best, you can generate an appropriate atmosphere for each room.

Add to BOKSI SPACECRAFT as many packs of stars as you want, and make the galaxy grow until infinity!


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BOKSI Spacecraft

Do you have a large empty wall? BOKSI Spacecraft is perfect for generating a large outer space environment to stand out wherever you put it!

Medida de un vinilo

Printed with ecological inks, on easy to mount vinyl to facilitate its placing, it comes in 3 different base colours:



BOKSI Stars is a pack of stars to make the galaxy grow until infinity. They come in A4 format (orange or black) and each pack contains a total of 22 stars, comprising 7 different designs.

Is the wall large? Add as many boksi STARS as you want!

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