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BOKSI Plushes

by “Txell Lagresa”

Handmade baby cushions and much more

At Nannak, we like things close to our ideals, made with love and care, well thought out and with personality… perhaps we are referring to “handmade”? What would you think about BOKSI being handmade by Txell Lagresa? Read on!

Txell Lagresa interprets BOKSI in different formats so that babies, and those who are a little more grown up, can enjoy him in a cosier, more personal way.


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…a wide range of different fabrics…

Txell Lagresa has carefully selected three different types of black fabric to use as the base for her models in BOKSI Handmade. Dots, stripes and geometric are the patterns reproduced by the chosen fabrics to recreate the main body of our star penguin.

Telas Txell Lagresa

BOKSI Rattle

Txell Lagresa has created a rattle that is 25cm long, soft and comforting, so that it becomes your baby’s inseparable companion during long sleeps.


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Habitación de bebé con vinilo
peluche de pingüino

BOKSI Pillow

pillow de pingüino

Is your child’s cot lacking a certain something? Txell has the solution with a 30 x 50cm pillow, with a removable cover, which is sure to add that special something you were looking for.


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BOKSI by Txell Lagresa

BOKSI King Size

If what you have seen so far seems on the small side, then here is just what you need… a BOKSI King Size, 35cm tall, where Txell Lagresa has employed all of her talent!


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medidas del pingüino
peluche de pingüino
Vinilo pingüino con gafas


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