Handmade_TxellLagresaAt Nannak, we like things close to our ideals, made with love and care, well thought out and with personality.


Perhaps we are referring to “handmade”? It was for this reason that we discovered Txell Lagresa and her fabrics. We told her about our project and asked her, “How about a handmade Boksi?” How would it turn out?






That led to the addition of a new collaborator at Nannak, Txell Lagresa, with the task of interpreting Boksi in different formats and materials, with unique series of 10 units, so that babies, and those who are a little more grown up, can enjoy him in a cosier, more personal way.

We will go on exploring Txell’s world with BOKSI, which is really quite amazing… we invite you to discover Txell and her creations, which are unique, exclusive products.



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