logo AIJU_Calidad ControladaIt is essential to consider controlled safety and quality when choosing a product to be used by children, given that this group are especially vulnerable to risks. There is increasing demand, from consumers and public opinion, for children’s products that offer guarantees when it comes to safety and quality.

The Technological Institute for Children’s Products and Leisure activities (AIJU), as a specialised organisation in child safety, has created a seal for children’s products known as the Controlled Safety mark. This guarantees that the products with this seal:

.- Comply with the relevant safety standards.

    .- Satisfy additional requirements that go towards increasing quality.

     .- Come from production lines that are regularly inspected by AIJU.

The aim of this is to offer companies a tool that “allows them to differentiate their product from the competition” by reassuring the consumer that the item they are acquiring has been well made and guarantees both controlled safety and quality

In this way, it indicates that the product has passed all of the EU safety controls, as well as complying with the conditions established in the annual monitoring of items that come under the responsibility of AIJU, thereby “guaranteeing a homogenous level of quality” in the entire range.

The acquisition of said mark also brings with it clear benefits, besides orienting the consumer, given that, by implying “a differentiation of its products in comparison to others”, this also increases “credibility, safety and image within the market itself”. Accordingly, it means the company that obtains the seal will benefit from it directly.

NANNAK and its Baby Care Station have obtained this seal of quality, which not only gives us great satisfaction, but also enables us to position ourselves in the sector with an original, new product, while demonstrating that our design is focused on safety and complies with existing regulations.

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